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Pines theme for Christian PowerPoint backgrounds. Pines 800×600 Pines 1024×768 Pines 1280×1024

Welcome Three Bears

Welcome Three Bears theme for PowerPoint background. Welcome Three Bears 800×600 Welcome Three Bears 1024×768 Welcome Three Bears 1280×1024

Tree With Red Leaves

Tree With Red Leaves theme for PowerPoint backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, or Christian background. Download Tree With Red Leaves theme 1600×1200

Welcome by Twin

Welcome by Twin theme for PowerPoint backgrounds. Welcome By Twin 800×600 Welcome By Twin 1024×768 Welcome By Twin 1280×1024

Foot Print

Foot Print theme for Christian PowerPoint background. Foot Print 800×600 Foot Print 1024×768 Foot Print 1280×1024

White Flower

White Flower theme PowerPoint backgrounds. White Flower 800×600 White Flower 1024×768 White Flower 1280×1024

Beauty Art

Christian PowerPoint background. Beauty Art 800×600 Beauty Art 1024×768 Beauty Art 1280×1024