Analyze Your Audience before Doing a Presentation

Analyzing your audience is very important to increasing successful presentations. Then you can include the type of information that would be most supportive, and stay away from the kind of information that would be not important.

You can learn about your audiences from a variety of sources. Interview a sampling of the audience members, doing research via the internet, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Who is in your audience? In order to give a successful presentation, you need to know as much as possible about your audience. Determine how familiar they are with the topic of your presentation.

What do they want? Focus on the audience’s wants and needs. The success of your presentation depends on your ability to meet those wants and needs.

Why are you presenting? Do a self-evaluation. Are you comfortable speaking to this audience about this topic? How can you prepare to “be” the right person for the presentation?

When/Where is your presentation? Do not forget this step. Time and place are important considerations to consider when planning your presentations. Research shows that afternoon audiences respond differently than morning audiences. Afternoon audiences require extra breaks because they have a reduced attention span.


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